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Product ID:3BDH001000R0001 ABB Model Name :PM 902F Catalog Description :PM 902F CPU Module Details: CPU (Central Processing Unit (CPU) (Standard) Category Product Control System Product Control and Communication AC 900F AC 900F – Processor module PM 902F CPU module Product Control System Free Controller AC 800F Central Unit PM 803F Additional Information Media Description: This CPU module is the media base unit of the free AC 900F controller family. It supports up to 1500 I/O and 8 MB battery buffer SRAM. 4 Ethernet ports, 800 MHz CPU clock, 24 MB controller memory, 8 MB battery buffer SRAM, 16 MB DRAM. Two slots for assembling communication interface modules. It doesn’t have an operating system. During software installation, you must load the operating system.

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