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SCYC55830 58063282A includes CPU on-chip cache and register group, which is the place where data is temporarily stored in the CPU. It stores the data waiting to be processed or the data that has been processed. The time used by the CPU to access the registers is shorter than the time used to access the memory. The use of registers can reduce the number of times the CPU accesses the memory, thereby improving the working speed of the CPU. SCYC55830 58063282A However, due to the limitation of the chip area and integration level, the capacity of the register bank cannot be very large. The register set can be divided into special-purpose registers and general-purpose registers. The function of the special register is fixed, and the corresponding data are respectively registered. The general-purpose registers are widely used and can be specified by the programmer. The number of general-purpose registers varies from microprocessor to microprocessor.

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