UCD240A101 3BHE022287R010 DC/DC Converter


There is a given continuous function relationship (usually a linear function) between the output signal of the UCD240A101 3BHE022287R010 transmitter and the temperature variable, and the output signal of the transmitter produced in the early stage is linear to the resistance value (or voltage value) of the temperature sensor Functional relationship.
UCD240A101 3BHE022287R010 standardized output signals are mainly 0mA~10mA and 4mA~20mA (or 1V~5V) DC signals. Other standardized output signals with special provisions are not excluded. The temperature transmitter can be divided into two-wire system and four-wire system according to the power supply wiring mode, except that the RWB temperature transmitter is a three-wire system.
UCD240A101 3BHE022287R010 Transmitters include electric unit combination instrument series, miniaturized modular type, and multi-functional intelligent type. The former do not have sensors, and the latter two types of transmitters can be easily combined with thermocouples or thermal resistances to form transmitters with sensors.

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