Pacific Sc​​ientific 105-641001-01 microstepping driver


105-641001-01 is one of various control boards available from Pacific Scientific. The 6410 Control Board is compatible with the manufacturer’s 6440 series of microstepping drives or indexers in servo and stepper motors. These drives or indexers feature two-axis master-slave control. This control board is one of many components in the Pacific Scientific 105 motion control card series. The accessory contains 1792 bytes of NVRAM that can be used for user programs.

The 105 series control board can also be used as a driver due to its various control functions. It supports a one-year warranty. However, the unit is small and does not have the full capabilities of the manufacturer’s other drives such as the SC750. The absence of large capacitors contributes to the compactness of the board. This small size takes up very little space in the indexer or microstepping device in which it is used. Attachment weighs 0.61 kg.

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