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Advant Controller 250 is a comprehensive process control tool for medium to large sized applications. The same I/O unit can be used centrally or remotely, and the two can be combined in a single Advant controller 250 configuration.

Several controllers vary in their ability to handle I/O, their execution speed, and their memory size. This means you have the opportunity to choose the cheapest and most appropriate solution. The system is scalable in terms of adding communication modules, more powerful processor modules, and more I/O modules as demand increases.

The Advant Controller 250 can communicate over a variety of standard protocols, such as MMS over TCP/IP Ethernet, COMLI, SattBus, and PROFIBUS-DP over I/O. You can also write your own serial ASCII protocol using standard functional blocks.

The compact size saves space and the integrated terminal board reduces wiring requirements, saving installation time and improving installation reliability.

Advant Controller 250 Life cycle status
The Advant Controller 250 is in the limited life cycle phase.

Customers are encouraged to upgrade the Advant Controller 250 to AC 800M

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