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UAD206A101 3BHE019958R0101 DC/DC converter converts a fixed DC voltage into a variable DC voltage. This technology is widely used in the stepless speed change and control of trolleybuses, subway trains, and electric vehicles. At the same time, the above controls can be accelerated smoothly. , fast response performance, and at the same time receive the effect of saving power. UAD206A101 3BHE019958R0101 Using a DC chopper instead of a rheostat can save power (20~30)%. The DC chopper can not only play the role of voltage regulation (switching power supply), but also effectively suppress the harmonic current noise on the grid side.
UAD206A101 3BHE019958R0101 The secondary power supply DC/DC converter of the communication power supply has been commercialized. The module adopts high-frequency PWM technology, the switching frequency is about 500kHz, and the power density is 5W~20W/in3. With the development of large-scale integrated circuits, power modules are required to be miniaturized, so it is necessary to continuously increase the switching frequency and adopt new circuit topologies. The power density of the secondary power module has been greatly improved.

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