Pacific Sc​​ientific OC950-503-01 Positioning option card


OC950-503-01 is manufactured by Pacific Scientific, a well-known manufacturer in this field. Over the years, the manufacturer has maintained its reputation by producing only the best. They leverage their engineering expertise and history of success to continue to bring powerful, reliable and cost-effective products to market. They ensure that all products are manufactured after rigorous testing, trade research, and mathematical modeling to create top-notch products like the OC950-502-01 Positioning Tabs.

This positioning option card is advantageous because it is cost-effective and a very high-performance device. The part is designed for use with three-phase permanent magnet motors and medium power single-axis servo drives with brushless resolvers. This positioning option card is suitable for medium to large OEM applications. This ensures that the product is a very versatile product, able to integrate with different applications in many different industries.

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