3BSE018741R15  Cable with male plug connector 15 m

Flexible deployment. Traditionally, process safety systems
have been deployed either separate from the control system or
interfaced to control systems via engineered interfaces based
on open protocols (e.g. Modbus). However, most end users
require a higher integration for configuration, maintenance,
and operations environment. DeltaV SIS can be deployed
either as interfaced to any DCS or integrated with DeltaV DCS.
Integration is accomplished without scarifying functional
separation as safety functions are implemented in separate
hardware, software, and networks while being seamlessly
integrated at the workstations.



3BSE018741R15  Cable with male plug connector 15 m

3BSE018741R15 Cable with male plug connector specifications may vary depending on manufacturer

and application requirements. Normally, the specifications of the cable may include the following aspects:

Length: The length of this cable is 15 meters, but manufacturers may offer other length options to

meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Number and specification of conductors: Cables may contain different numbers of conductors, and the

specifications of these conductors (such as cross-sectional area, material, etc.) may also vary.


These specifications determine the current carrying capacity and transmission performance of the cable.

Insulation and sheathing materials: The insulation and sheathing materials of cables are essential for

their electrical properties, wear resistance and weather resistance. Different material choices will

affect the performance of the cable and the applicable environment.

Connector type: This cable is equipped with a male plug connector, but there may be different

specification options for the specific type, size and interface type of the connector.

Rated voltage and current: The rated voltage and current carrying capacity of the cable is an

important indicator to measure its performance, and different specifications of the cable may

have different rated voltage and current carrying capacity.

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