PP220 3BSC690099R1 ABB operation panel

PP220 3BSC690099R1 ABB operation panel


Item NO.:PP220 3BSC690099R1
Product Origin:USA
Condition: Brand New And Original
Warranty: 1 Year
Description:operation panel

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PP220 3BSC690099R1 ABB operation panel 

The main functions of the panel are as follows: transferring the source program to the memory, or monitoring the program execution through the panel operation; Print and display intermediate results or final results;

According to the process requirements, modify the parameters and given values of some test points and control points; Set alarm state, select working mode and control circuit, etc. Complete automatic undisturbed

switching of manual Kramp-Karrenbauer; Carry out manual operation on site; Complete all kinds of screen display.

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The operation panel, also called the console, is the link of man-machine dialogue. According to the specific situation, the operation panel can be large or small, from a huge console to only a few function keys and

switches. In intelligent instruments, the operation panels are relatively small, and generally need to be designed by themselves. For safe operation, many operation panels are equipped with electronic locks.

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