SD812F 3BDH000014R1 SD 812F Power Supply 24 VDC | Warranty 1 year


SD812F 3BDH000014R1 The rapid development of the communication industry has greatly promoted the development of communication power supplies. High-frequency miniaturized switching power supply and its technology have become the mainstream of modern communication power supply system. In the field of communication, the rectifier is usually called the primary power supply, and the DC-DC (DC/DC) converter is called the secondary power supply. The function of SD812F 3BDH000014R1 power supply is to convert single-phase or three-phase AC grid into DC power supply with a nominal value of 48V. At present, in the primary power supply used in program-controlled switches, the traditional phase-controlled regulated power supply has been replaced by high-frequency switching power supply. Generally controlled in the range of 50-100kHz to achieve high efficiency and miniaturization. In recent years, the power capacity of switching rectifiers has continued to expand, and the capacity of a single unit has expanded from 48V/12.5A, 48V/20A to 48V/200A, 48V/400A.

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