IC200PBI001 GE Network Interface Unit

CompactRIO controller is an embedded controller based on LabVIEW RIO architecture, equipped with real-time processor and user programmable FPGA.

This controller has a variety of features and advantages. First, its processor core uses the 64-bit Intel Atom E3800

system-on-chip (SoC), which provides extremely high performance and rich features, including an integrated GPU and

multi-core processor.



IC200PBI001 GE Network Interface Unit

The IC200PBI001 module is a Versamax Network Interface Unit or NIU by GE Fanuc. It is used control the I/O modules.

The network interface unit is powered with a power supply that is installed directly on the unit. It consumes 250 milliamps

of current from the 5 Volts bus, and 10 milliamps from the 3.3 Volts. There is a total of 64 I/O modules in a single network

unit. It can be expanded by using expansion racks. It comes with a Profibus network address from 1 to 125. The network data

rate ranges from 9.6 Kbaud to 12 Mbaud. The data rate is detected by the NIU automatically. The IC200PBI001 NIU runs

with 5 bytes of memory of user diagnostics data. The front panel of the unit comes with 4 LED indicators to show the power,

health, fault, and network status of the device, and with a Force LED as well.


The IC200PBI001 module’s firmware can be updated easily. During the update process, the controller must be switched

to the stope mode, and the network cable should be disconnected from the NIU. It can work with 375 bytes of I/O data at

a time. The front side has a rotary switch that can be adjusted by using a flat screwdriver. This switch is used to select

addresses in the 1-125 range. The IC200PBI001 NIU is easy to install and it can be simply clicked on to the DIN rail. The

power supply can be connected to the NIU using a latch. The connectors and the latch should be matched and clicked together. It

supports up to 32 stations without using repeaters. It is equipped with a 9-pin D-sub connector.

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